Social Media / Digital Marketing

Duration: 2 Months

Social Media Marketing for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads Management

Course Outline

Week 1-2: Introduction to Social Media Marketing

  • Understanding the fundamentals of social media marketing
  • Importance of social media platforms in digital marketing
  • Overview of Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads
  • Setting goals and objectives for social media marketing campaigns

Week 3-4: Facebook Marketing

  • Creating a Facebook Business Page
  • Understanding Facebook Ads Manager interface
  • Targeting options and audience segmentation on Facebook
  • Creating engaging ad content: text, images, videos
  • Setting up and optimizing different ad formats: carousel, slideshow, collection ads
  • Budgeting and bidding strategies for Facebook Ads
  • Analyzing and interpreting Facebook Ads metrics

Week 5-6: Instagram Marketing

  • Setting up an Instagram Business Account
  • Leveraging Instagram features: Feed, Stories, IGTV, Reels
  • Understanding Instagram Insights and Analytics
  • Creating visually appealing content for Instagram
  • Instagram influencer marketing and partnerships
  • Running Instagram Ads: objectives, targeting, ad formats
  • Best practices for Instagram marketing success

Week 7-8: Google Ads Management

  • Introduction to Google Ads: Search, Display, Video, Shopping campaigns
  • Creating and optimizing Google Ads campaigns
  • Keyword research and ad copywriting for search campaigns
  • Display advertising: targeting options, ad creation, and optimization
  • Video advertising on YouTube: ad formats, targeting, bidding strategies
  • Shopping ads: setting up product feeds, optimizing campaigns
  • Monitoring and analyzing Google Ads performance metrics

Week 9-10: Advanced Strategies and Case Studies

  • Advanced targeting techniques for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads
  • A/B testing and optimization strategies for ad campaigns
  • Retargeting and remarketing tactics across platforms
  • Multi-channel marketing strategies: integrating Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads
  • Case studies of successful social media marketing campaigns
  • Practical exercises and assignments to apply learned concepts
  • Final project: creating a comprehensive social media marketing campaign

Week 11-12: Practical Application and Certification

  • Implementing and managing a live social media marketing campaign
  • Continuous monitoring, optimization, and performance analysis
  • Client management and communication skills
  • Presentation of final projects and campaign results
  • Certification and assessment of course completion

Additional Benefits:

  • Access to course materials, resources, and tools
  • Q&A sessions and personalized support from the instructor
  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals and peers
  • Job placement assistance and career guidance (optional)

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