Office Management

Deadline: 4 months

Course Outlines

What is Computer and its types?
⦁ Basic Components of Computer (electronic Machine)

  1. CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  2. Motherboard (Electic Circuit Board)
  3. RAM (Random Access Memory)/ROM (Read Only Memory)
  4. Input/Output Devices
  5. Power Supply
    ⦁ What is Memory and show file will be stored in the computer ( Memory Sizes)
  6. Bits, Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes, Terabytes,
    ⦁ Software and Hardware difference
  7. System Software (examples)
  8. Applications (examples)
    ⦁ Mouse and Keyboard Use
    ⦁ Window Default Settings
  9. What and how to start/Restart/Shut Down/Sleep PC (Personal Computer)
  10. Desktop Settings (Taskbar, Desktop Icons, My PC Icons, Etc)
  11. File Explorer Management (drives, folders, files, navigation pane, view, etc)
  12. Software Installation/ Uninstallation
    ⦁ Ms. Office
  13. Ms. Word (Used to make professional-quality documents, letters, reports, etc )
  14. Ms. Excel ( Excel is used to store, analyze, and report on large amounts of data)
  15. Ms. PowerPoint (Powerful slide show presentation program)
    ⦁ Internet/Search/Browser
  16. What is the Internet, and how does its work
  17. How to search over the internet
  18. What is Browser, How many are they, and how to use it
  19. Google Applications and Google Account
  20. Gmail, Accounts, Contact, etc
    ⦁ Inpage
  21. why we use Inpage, how to write Urdu by using Inpage, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.